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Have they changed your favorites?


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Have they changed your favorites?

Nancy Berry | Nov 1, 2001 02:36 PM

This is somewhat related to the "What are your favorites that are no more?" thread here but it's slightly different.

What I'm asking is have they (the powers that be i.e. the food companies) changed the recipes for or shape of your favorites so that they aren't as good? Here are some examples:

Chunky -- It used to be a trapezoidal solid that was square and very thick. Now it's rectangular and not so thick and not as good.

5th Avenue candy bar -- It used to come in two sections -- each section was topped with an almond. Now it is one long stick with no almonds at all.

3 Musketeers -- It used to be wider on the short end with 2 indentations so that you could break it and share it with 2 friends, thus the name 3 Musketeers. Now it's long and narrow with no indentations.

Now I know that these are seemingly minor changes, but they really annoy me and make these candies less desirable. Anyone else have examples of this?

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