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What should I change about my home bar?


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What should I change about my home bar?

yossarian22 | Apr 18, 2011 09:47 AM

I'm just finishing my bar and now I need to stock it. This is the list I have made, what should I change about it that won't change the price very much?

Rum- Bacardi Gold, white and Captain Morgan (I'm thinking I should probably get a decent sipping rum too)

Gin- Tanquaray, Beefeater, and Seagram's

Vodka- Grey Goose (or Chopin) and Smirnoff's (I really don't care for vodka much)

Tequila- Cuervo Gold and silver (I don't care much for tequila either)

Brandy- Hennessy VS, and E&J

Bourbon- Jim Beam Black, Jack Daniel's (I know it's not actually bourbon) and Maker's Mark

Scotch- Johnny Walker Black, Chivas 12, Glenlivet 12, and Macallan 12 (I know these choices could be better but I want to stock both blended and single malt because I have friends who like both)

plus then all the liqueurs and mixers

what should I change about that?

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