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Last Chance Kitchen 12/4 spoilers

Firegoat | Dec 5, 201308:30 AM

Okay, so Sara shows up and guesses that Louis will be the competition but would like to see Janine.
She gets Louis.
They have to make a savory dish with Mascarpone. Ten minutes into the competition, the cooks have to pick a sous chef. Sara picks Janine and her Daisy Dukes, and Louis picks the pretty boy with the surfer hair who's name I don't recall. For the next 10 minutes, the sous chefs cook the dish while the blindfolded chefs "communicate." The last 10 minutes the cooks alone (unblindfolded) cook. Many gratuitous ass shots of the Daisy Dukes later, Louis wins with a red snapper poached in mascarpone.
I don't have any idea how to pronounce this word anymore... it was all so confusing.
Sara apparently put out a tasty dish altho it looked like a pile of poo to me. Tom liked it. She was gracious and said Louis was the only one left with a story to tell so wasn't upset he was going forward in the competition.

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