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Challenge: feed two for a week on $80 in nyc


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Challenge: feed two for a week on $80 in nyc

arugala | Apr 30, 2009 05:12 PM

So...maybe this isn't a challenge outside of take out crazy new york. Im sure there are many that are scoffing at the question. But alas! My husband and I are trying to eliminate take out once and for all and eat soley from what we (I) :) cook from home.

But we've run into problems menu planning for the week- he doesnt like eating the same thing twice, unless its a turkey sandwich or a whole chicken, which i dont eat (i'm a pescetarian).

Ive been buying 2 filets of fish eating with a side veg, but sole has gotten boring and everything else is not budget friendly. I seem to always have leftover herbs that go to waste, or if I make a panini, extra bread that goes to waste....

In general, I try to stay away from processed food- ie i prefer to make my own pasta sauces, but on the cheap. I dont mind food shopping every day if thats what it takes! Just trying to stay away from Rice-a-roni type stuff.

So, what are your "left-over-proof-week-menus" that are also budget friendly? let me into your heads for your week of menu planning!!

Thanks, and best,

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