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Challenge: "Destination" Supermarkets???


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Challenge: "Destination" Supermarkets???

Leo in B.R. | Apr 18, 2004 10:52 PM

Leo just got back from Houston's "Central Market" - which he would classify as a "destination supermarket" - that is a supermarket worthy of a special trip. CM has a great selection of everything - produce, meat, groceries, bakery, etc. Lot's of groceries not available in your typical store. Fantastic bakery and deli products. Huge wall of cheese from all over the world. - You get the picture I hope. -

The challenge - what other supermarkets - emphasis - supermarkets around the country meet this ranking?

I enjoy CM more than any place since the Hypermarkets of France. Give me (and others) some good ideas of destination supermarkets.

Note: If anyone would like to focus on "Mom and Pop" markets, please start another thread - I'd like to focus this one on big supermarkets.

Thanks and enjoy!

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