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The Best Chain(franchise) or fast food hamburger

foodwhisperer | Jan 5, 201208:36 PM

With all the fine dining I do, and all the exotic eating I do, sometimes I just have to grab a quick bite. Most often a burger. Sometimes I regret that i ate a Big Mac or Whopper for many hours afterwards. White Castles are a whole other level , as we don't just eat one of those. After 8 white castles you think your stomach might explode. In any case, I used to find Soup Burg to be a good burger. I've tried so many places that were total disappointments, such as 5 Guys, not a very good burger. Fuddrucker in its day was good. Goodburger is really badburger. But I did have a good burger the other day at
Cheeseburger Cheeseburger! you have your choice of many many toppings. You have different sizes of burgers, I had the half pounder. If you get the one pounder ( too big) you get a free T shirt if you finish it. The french fries are spiced and seem like fresh cut potatoes not too greasy. So I was pleased with Cheesburger Cheeseburger. No it does not compare to Corner Bistro, Spotted Pig, Walkers etc etc But what is your best chain store hamburger,,,,we all have to go to these places once in a while.

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