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Ceramic tagine (Staub): **Yikes** I guess now I need a stovetop heat diffuser?


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Ceramic tagine (Staub): **Yikes** I guess now I need a stovetop heat diffuser?

tadasana | Dec 5, 2009 04:35 PM

Has anyone in Chowland used a stovetop trivet or heat diffuser with a ceramic tagine?

Here's my sad tale: I just impulse-purchased a pear-green Staub ceramic tagine at Tuesday Morning for $42. Such a deal!

It was the last one (of course) and the box had symbols on the side that made it look like I could use it directly on the stovetop. Also, the bottom of the box had a recipe for chicken tagine that said to pan-fry the chicken in the tagine. So I put it on the stove, started cooking, and noticed a sticker on the side of the box that said "do not use directly on stovetop."

I went to the Staub company's website but the tagine pictured there is a model with a cast iron bottom. No other models. I guess mine was discontinued (hence the bargain at Tuesday Morning).

As I type this, my tagine is cooking the lovely chicken recipe from the bottom of the Staub box. But I'm afraid of ever using it again til I figure out the "diffuser" business.

I'm hoping I can just buy something and use it with the tagine because I'm a one-pot kinda gal. I actually went to Tuesday Morning to get a dutch oven but of course the LC dutch ovens were $125 and the Staub tagine was $42--and groovy green. *sigh*

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