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New to Central Florida and Yes! It appears that all "farmers markets" here stink.

SPaulinVa | Jan 26, 201208:32 AM

In Virginia, the farmers markets are big business, highly popular and the farmers are respected for the quality of their produce. (If you find yourself near there, try the Falls Church farmers market on Saturday morning). The farmers are local and many of them grow their produce pesticide free and will take the time to talk with you about their produce. They tell you the name of their farms loud and proud and many sell to the local Whole Foods too.

I just moved here and I've been looking for the same thing. I am soooo disappointed. The whole point of a farmers market is that the vendors are local farmers. I heard a snippit of a conversation on NPR with a "florida farmer" and he mentioned that he doesn't have to lower himself to sell at a farmers market. How arrogant and how backward.

I attended the Winter Park and Orlando "farmers markets" where the produce sellers were selling fruits and vegetables from California! How is that different from a tacky supermarket????? I asked one vendor the name of his farm and he said my name is John, John Brown. I said what is the name of the farm, though? He huffed and puffed and said he didn't believe in naming a farm.

I see that the Lake Mary market is the same.

Hey, fellow Floridians, agriculture is a number one industry here. Why are they shipping the good stuff out of state and using all that gas and oil? Why are we eating California produce at all? Its time we demand that these markets jury the vendors and do not support opportunistic, greedy vendors who will sell you crap.

If you know of a real farmers market near Orlando with real, local farmers, please let me know. I think the phrase florida farmer is a myth. Are they just huge scale factory-type farms?

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