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Centolire- Timpano Report- Long


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Centolire- Timpano Report- Long

antvic69 | Oct 14, 2002 08:12 AM

After posting on this board, I was told that Centolire had Timpano on its regular menu. I went last night to try it. Sat upstairs, which was great, looking down on 2nd ave. After walknig out of the glass elevator, there was an antipasto table with a haunch of San Daniela (sp?) prosciutto ready to slice and figs and olives and such. It defintely boosted my anticipation for this place. The menu looked pretty good to me, and there were many dishes that are served in a crock, covered by a pastry, resulting in an Italian pot pie. Anyway, I ended up having the prosciutto with figs, mortadella, and parmagiano. The figs were prefectly ripe and sweet as can be. The meats were sliced perfectly, and the parmagiano always rounds off this appetizer well. My fiancee had a salad of arugala, parmagiano, and thinly sliced baby artichokes. Of course I tasted this too, and it was wonderful. Before I forget, one of the breads served was a salted and herbed focaccia, well crisped on the outside. A small bowl of ricotta, olive oil, and hot pepper flakes was served along with the bread. The combination was, well, addicting. I couldn't stop eating it. Anyway, for entrees we got the Cioppino and the Timpano. The Cioppino was served in a crock, covered by that pastry I mentioned earlier. I thought the combos was tasty, and the pastry dipped in the broth was out of this world. She thought it needed more garlic, but all in all it was pretty good. Now for the Timpano. I had been anticipating trying this dish for about 2 weeks after seeing the movie "Big Night". I have to say that probably no matter what I received, I was bound to be a bit disappointed. It was not the Timapano made in the movie. Rather than a pastry shell surrounding it, there was sliced eggplant. The eggplant would have been an ok substitute, but it was not peeled. In my opinion, the skin of an eggplant can ruin a dish. It just does not break down in the cooking process and is always tough and chewy. That was the case here. The inside of the Timpano was pretty good. Penne, mozzarella, tiny meatballs, hard boiled eggs, and I'm not quite sure what else. The little meatballs were actually really good, but maybe a little too sparse for my liking. I think I might have made the mistake of tearing right into the Timapano as soon as it was served. I think that the dish needs to cool for a while and not be eaten piping hot. All in all though it was a pretty good dining experience, and I will definitely be back to try some of the other things on the menu. I saw them deboning a Branzino, whuch looked great and I saw some other pasta dishes that looked pretty good too. I know they have a website with a menu you can get off citysearch if anyone cares to look. I'd love to know what other poeple think of some of the other dishes. Also, I have not given up on Timapano- I'm going to make it myself. I just ordered the cookbook with the Big Night recipe- I think it's called Cucina e Famiglia or something like that.

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