Fifth Floor Report (longish) | Nov 23, 200204:38 PM    

My long awaited dinner at Fifth Floor was last night.

Before I can even discuss the food, I have to say that I thought the design of the entire place was warm elegance at its best. A swanky, yet comfortable place. I highly recommend showing up early for your reservation and having a few drinks at their cozy bar

What I had:
Scallops in passionfruit sauce with sauteed cauliflower on top of each scallop. The scallops were the most silky smooth scallops I've ever tasted. The dish tasted great though it seemed to lack that extra layer of complexity I was expecting from fifth floor.

Chicken and foie gras terrine
The terrine was OK though large for a one person portion in my opinion. Also was expecting more piquant accompaniment to the soft flavors of the terrine than was there. However, the hand-poured chicken and champagne consomme that came after this course to cleanse my palate was nothing short of amazing.

Pork Belly in black truffle jus
This dish alone makes it worth going to the Fifth Floor. The most delicious pieces of pork that have ever entered my mouth. It was also peppercorn crusted, something that usually throws me off but stood up well to the full salty meatiness of the pork belly, which had been slowly poached and then roasted for a seared crust. Tres magnifique!!

Dessert: Poached Bosc pears on pear sorbet with caramel and walnuts poured over tableside.
The pear sorbet was voluminous and overpowering. The rest of the dish was perfect.

Cheese plate:
Various cheeses, more on the hard rind variety (no triple cream) with one blue cheese. Having had the cheese plate at Jardiniere on Thursday night, this didn't compare, though it was fine. Jardiniere's was transcendent though.

The very highest level of service. Impressive especially because one of us came in with a dirty old backpack that needed to be checked in. Each of us was treated with full warmth and courtesy in every interaction.

Overall: I would definitely go back. The service and the ambiance are fabulous. The food varied from very very good to sublime. All my nits above are because I was expecting only the very world-class best. A worthy restaurant for the swank meal dollar.

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