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Celeb or TV personality/mass media ruining a local gem or more?


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Celeb or TV personality/mass media ruining a local gem or more?

K K | Aug 15, 2010 05:38 PM

There's a Hong Kong TV media personality (Suzy Wong, So See Wong, or Ah So to the locals) type person who is known for being immensely obnoxious (that has become her own trademark), yet based on her age and experience, she really knows what she is talking about.

Most recently while looking for her clips on youtube, there's a piece of recent news where she recently hosted a four episode run of her food program, featuring her favorite eats in Macau. While this was done in earnest, the spots she highly recommended ended up being over run by Hong Kong tourists and alike, to the point where even locals could not get a seat (and these are either restaurants or street food stalls). The best dried fried beef chow fun stall? A 30 to 40 minute wait. The x2 or x3 increase in business meant higher turnover and lower quality. The beef chow fun chef hurt his wrist from wok stir frying so much, that he had to close his stall for 2 weeks, much to the uproar of his loyal local customers.

As a result, there is some facebook group of Anti-Suzy, basically people hating this exposure and what it did to their favorite local joints.

I'm sure this is not just affecting Hong Kong/Macau. And I'm sure Anthony Bourdain's coverage of some places through his popular program probably caused a rush of customers to similar types of places as well.

What have been your experiences with professional media coverage that ultimately ruined and/or lowered the quality of your favorite place? And what was the type of food at stake?

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