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CCK KF1303 Knife Experience Update

Chemicalkinetics | Feb 1, 2010 02:12 PM

I just got my two Chan Chi Kee carbon steel Chinese Chef's knife KF1303. One for myself and one for a friend. I took it out of the package and they are amazingly light and amazingly thin. I took one and started slicing tomatoes and onions. Naturally, I try to cut them horizontal, parallel to the chopping block and the knife just slided in the tomatoes with almost no resistance. There is resistance in the onion but much less than any other knives I have. Technically, the CCK edge is not sharper than my Dexter because it does not seem to cut paper better or shave my arm hair better, but because of its very thin profile, it just cut very well. Now, I suspect it does not have the strength as the Dexter and already I see the knife has two dented area. One at the tip of the spine which has no affect on performance and the other one at the tip of the heel.

I will start to cut meat and vegetable using this knife (no bone of course) and see how well it holds up as a all-purpose knife.

The knife does not have great finish. As mentioned, the tips are already bented.

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