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CCK 1301

Vicv07 | Mar 11, 2012 09:54 AM

Hello everyone. I recently purchased a 1301. It's awesome. Love the thin blade. First time I chopped an onion all I can say is wow. Anyway the edge from factory wasn't exactly exemplary. Wouldn't cut through the skin of a tomato. Ok got to thinking how the heck am I going to sharpen a 3.5" wide blade. Clamped it down to a board and used a piece of copper bus bar as a guide and held the stone. Worked like a charm. Ok now after my rambling I have a question. Any knife I've sharpened before gets a noticeable burr. You can feel it as you run your thumb away from the opposite edge. Well with this knife I couldn't feel one after quite a bit of time sharpening. Being carbon steel I figured it'd sharpen up quick. I got looking at it and the edge looked chipped all along it. Wasn't chips but the wire edge. But it was no soft it just flipped back and forth almost like metal fillings magnetized to the edge and I couldn't remove them not matter what angle I tried to swipe them off. Finally used a cork and it peeled them off. Now it is the sharpest edge I've even gotten. Is that type of burr normal for these knives or am I basically the owner of a soft iron blade?

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