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CBS Sunday Morning feature on school lunches in France


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CBS Sunday Morning feature on school lunches in France

greygarious | Sep 26, 2010 07:21 AM

This was quite a contrast to the type of American menu Jamie Oliver has been trying to overturn. The kids in Paris - even preschoolers - get a 5-course meal, including a cheese course. They do SOME deep-frying as a way to introduce children to vegetables like broccoli florets, but in general the food looks far more nutritious and varied than the standard American cafeteria fare. The food safety standards are impeccable, but they still keep frozen samples of everything for 2 months in case foodborne illness were ever to be suspected. In a small town hundreds of miles to the south, the school lunches are prepared by a former Riviera resort chef. Carved produce garnishes the steam table trays. The lunch budget is $2.50 per child, but he manages to buy local ingredients and utilizes them efficiently. He was shown filleting fish and making fumet from the frames. One teenager enthused that the lunches were more appealing than the dinners he got at home - pasta, pizza...the sorts of meals appearing on a majority of American dinner tables.

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