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cazuelas . Using and making them. Thoughts to share and replies requested.

therosenthalpottery | Feb 24, 201212:13 PM

new to chowhound
Ive collected a few cazuelas at tag sales and they are phenomenal
i use them on my grills with gas and charcoal and on the stovetop
Ive made brussel sprouts and onions, lamb dishes, meatloaf, chicken, etc and i cant wait to use them again

Now im going to get a lead glaze test kit to see if i am poisoning myself and others. I am aware that many countries outside of the US manufacture pottery for cooking that use chemicals like lead that can leach into the food.

Now here is a project that i am undertaking.
Being that i am a professional pottery and educator, i am making my own cooking pots. Terracotta and earthenware pottery that i can use that is completely safe. The clear glaze i am using is foodsafe, certified by law. I made a number of pots or cazuelas yesterday.
I am so excited to try them and share them with my friends.

First i will season them and use them to evaluate their ability to cook evenly and withstand the abuses of thermal shock when used on an open flame, electric coil, and bbq grill or coals.

if you would like to have a dialogue i can follow up on my adventures in making and cooking in cazuelas.

Its the simple things in life that make it great.

Ciao for now


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