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Catfish: Totally Underappreciated?

phan1 | May 3, 200812:37 AM

I just want to rant on how awesome I think catfish is. To be honest, I used to be snobby and knock catfish as being a cheap, dirty, low-class fish. I considered it the pig of the sea in a land where beef and chicken rule. But now, I realized that I've never had catfish that wasn't delicious.

Catfish is wonderfully flavorful and distinct, unlike other fish that can pretty much taste however you want it to taste like. I think the image of catfish as being a poor man's fish is totally unfair and I definitely would like to see it on more high-end restaurants. Catfish doesn't just belong on the fried seafood menu anymore. I think chefs can do so much more with it. It's always fresh and has a high turnover rate. I don't see why it shouldn't be just as appreciated as any other fish out there!

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