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Catering a wedding, need vegetarian main course


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Catering a wedding, need vegetarian main course

cowboyardee | Aug 7, 2010 08:07 AM

Sigh... if only if were as simple as the title. As I said, I will be catering a friend's wedding - at the end of October. The work is to be split between myself and another of the bride's friends - he's dead-set on keeping an upscale North African theme (flavors that aren't too much of a stretch are okay - south Mediterranean, maybe some Spanish or Portuguese, but NOT the American, Mexican, Korean, and Japanese dishes I'm more practiced with).

~150 attendees. Most of whom are not vegetarian, but all will be welcome to try the vegetarian entree of course.

We have pitifully few resources available for the day of the wedding - the venue lost its kitchen to a caved-in roof this winter. Nothing left to use on-site, save a few refrigerators. So we are renting (and bringing) grills for the meat-based entrees. We can rent more equipment, but the whole point was to keep costs down for the bride, so I'm hesitant to do so. So far, no chafing dishes, but that may change.

I will be making vegetarian (hot) butternut squash soup and the other guy will be making some sort of (cold?) bean salad along with various vegetarian desserts, so all I need is an entree idea to start test-kitchening. Ideally, it would be something I can make in advance and either serve cold or reheat quickly on the day of without sacrificing quality. There is no need for it to be vegan. I want it to be filling and substantial.

I've considered a couscous based dish, but haven't much idea of how to engineer couscous to hold up when made in advance. I'm open to any suggestions.

I should add, neither of us have catering experience, though we are both pretty solid home cooks. And I can manage sous vide preparations (enormously useful in a situation like this) if that helps, though I don't normally do much vegetable cookery sous-vide.

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