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Catering rules of thumb?


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Catering rules of thumb?

T in DC | Mar 15, 2005 03:58 PM

Are there any guidelines for amount of food per person and the number of plates/glasses/forks/knives I might need?

I am planning a buffet-style luncheon in my home and currently am expecting about 30 adults and 5 children (not counting babes in arms). If I want to order pre-made pasta and chicken dishes (one of each) and also serve bread, salad, and a cheese and fruit plate as well as cake and possibly some cookies for dessert, how much pasta and chicken do I need to order?

Also, I am considering renting cutlery and plates to avoid using paper (trying to be a touch fancier than the normal family party) – is there a rule of thumb as to how many place settings I might need?


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