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Noah | Jan 27, 2006 03:28 AM

I posted a while back about self-catering for a wedding and was thoroughly and convincingly dissuaded by the responses. We have started to look at caterers and I am terrified by the prices and lack of customer quality control.

Since I am even more terrified by the idea of self-catering, does anyone have any ideas about reducing the price of catering and increasing the quality? We are going to be doing the cheese / appetizer platters ourselves, and using a skilled friend as a bartender. Other than that, we can think of no way to reduce the astronomical price of catering without risking the nightmare of an unskillfully self-catered event.

Any suggestions for cost-cutting or quality improvement out there? We're good cooks, with 7-gallon stockpots and lots of gumption, but it's been fifteen years since I plated 30 breakfasts at once, and she has never been in food service at all. Our pro cooking friends that we might shanghai into service are all in the greasy-spoon or wholesale side of the food industry.

Do we just have to suck it up and go into debt for our catering? Is there something we can do to reduce the price? I hate the idea of a crappy reception dinner.

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