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Catered Event negotiations


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Catered Event negotiations

danna | Apr 27, 2006 04:15 PM

I'm trying to pick a venue for a 50th anniversary hors d'oeurve party for 100. I'm looking at locations from full-services restaurants w/ extra rooms, to private business or golf clubs, to b&bs, to facilities w/ no food service capacity. Here are some questions:

There sure are a lot of picky, obnoxious rules. Are these things negotiable at all? Just one Example: $2 cake cutting fee. Why? I don't want them to cut the cake. I'm bringing the cake. $200 seems steep to let me have extra plates and forks.

Is haggling price customary? I don't want to insult.

One B&B said I could bring in some of my own prepared food as long as I bought a minimum $ amt from them. Is this common, and how best to ask this question of other venue managers?

Is renting plates,flatware,glasses, tableclothes, etc. (so that I can have the party at a site which can't provide them) as big a logistics and budget nightmare as I think it would be?

Any chance of me bringing in my own wines?

Am I a fool to consider doing even half the food for a party this size myself? ( total non-pro)

Any other general advice on throwing a party this size for a fairly elderly group (my parents are 70) and not driving myself insane. I still have 14 months to plan.

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