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Cast Iron

Cast iron worse than high maintenance girlfriend!


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Cast iron worse than high maintenance girlfriend!

esoterikk | Jul 28, 2012 12:37 PM

So I have recently started trying to eat healthy which involves cooking properly. I have a stainless steel skillet that my father gave me and that was it. I read that stainless steal is to sticky to use as a real pan other than for sauces? so I went out and under recommendation by everyone bought a 30$ cast iron pan.

Brought it home, scrubbed it with warm water seasoned it up (oil oven etc) and immediately noticed as I tried to put another coat of oil on it two things were happening.

1) The paper towel was leaving behind small chunks of itself that I could only reliable remove with water.

2) The towel I was drying it with was leaving behind lint.

Now neither of these things are all that alarming unless you enjoy eating lint and paper towel remnants but as a normal human being to me they were extremely frustrating. I finally was able to just wash and dry using the burner but I can't put another coat of oil on after using without getting all kinds of paper towel junk all over it.

So whatever, maybe I don't need oil. Ill let it sit for an hour to cool down and throw it in the cupboard. Nope. 2 hours later it's still just as hot as when It came off the burner but now the heat is all over the pan.

Seriously, I have stuff to do during the day, I can dedicate MAYBE 30 minutes at a time to cook unless I have time to make a huge meal, Is this pan really that much better than say a stainless steel pan? Is it really worth all this hassle if I don't have all day to care for this thing?

I am using bounty paper towel to spread the oil, any suggestions on how to not get chunks everywhere?

PS: Not to mention it stinks up the house when I dry it off on the burner.

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