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Can't use cast iron, Won't use non stick, options for omelettes?

mmdad | Sep 25, 200901:41 AM

Hi all, I have quite enjoyed reading so I figured I would join.

I have thallasemia minor which is not really a huge deal but I am not allowed iron supplements or use of cast iron. Giant bummer as I so want some le creuset. I know enameled but I just can't find any resource that can confirm if this contains the iron. I don't want to risk it.

I have gone through quite a bit of the new green style non stick. They seem to last for me only a few uses before sticking just as much as SS.

I like fritattas and I like omelettes and eggs in general.

I have had pretty good success with my 8 inch all clad and lots of butter and low heat. But its difficult and I am probably at a 50% success rate with practice. I guess I could just keep at it.
It also is slow. Too much heat and instant stick.

Non stick I just won't use. I like to be as close to organic and chemical free as possible and I just don't want teflon.

I also don't want anything straight aluminum.

I tend to prefer traditional old fashioned technology. And surely there were omelettes made prior to teflon.

Are there any options left for me?

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