Who makes the best new cast iron skillets?

Tristor | Jul 8, 202008:14 PM     101

If I were in the market for a new production cast iron skillet, who is currently the best producer globally? There's numerous brands out there now that make what I believe are quality products, but who is the absolute best?

Some brands I'm aware of: Butter Pat, Field, Smithey, Marquette, Solidteknics, Stargazer, Finex, Victoria, and Lodge.

I'm not counting Staub or Le Creuset even though both make cast iron skillets, because they're enameled it's not really what I'm thinking of when I think "cast iron skillet", although I'm sure both are also quality options.

I've currently got a #8 Field and a #10 Lodge. I'd like to add a #12 to my collection and possibly a #6 as well or a second #8. I'm not interested in vintage pieces, as I'll only be using it on a glass cooktop where flatness matters.

What do the chowhounds think?

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