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Another cast iron Q. The seasoning seems to be flaking off!


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Another cast iron Q. The seasoning seems to be flaking off!

amselby81 | Aug 4, 2008 05:06 PM

I am the person who started the "Washing cast iron vs. no washing," board. I am a "non washer." For those who haven't read my story, from the other thread, then I'll just say that I am a new cast iron user. I just bought a 12" Lodge Skillet, about a month or two ago. I accidentally scrubbed the preseasoning off, and so I reseasoned it about 2 weeks ago. I used lard to reseason it. I lightly coated the skillet, and baked it at 400 for 2 hours, and then let it cool. I was surprised that the skillet came out a brownish color, rather than black, so I continued to reseason it. I probably put about 5 or 6 layers on it. It still didn't turn black, but it wasn't sticky. So then I did a layer or 2 of olive oil. Hehe, I know...I got pretty obsessed with getting a black finish. I now know that it's okay for it to be brown, but it'll turn black the more I use it.

So now, my problem. It seems to be flaking off from the bottom, around the edges. It's so weird, b/c where my burner actually touches the skillet, I've got what looks like a nice finish forming. But where the burner is not touching the bottom, it's flaking. The sides of the skillet aren't flaking, either, but I figured that's b/c food doesn't touch that.

For cleaning, I just spray it down with my sink sprayer. I always put a thin layer on it, between uses. I've been cooking fatty/oily foods, at least once a day, in an effort to form a fantastic finish. I'm not cooking acidic foods, and I stopped boiling water in it, to clean it.

Where the seasoning flakes off, there's some gray. I'm not sure if it's flaking right down to the metal, or if it's just flaking off a couple layers.

Is this b/c I put too many layers on, when seasoning? Is it b/c my burner's not big enough? Do I have to start over again, or will it fix itself?.

Thanks, a bunch!

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