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JerzGirl | Apr 25, 2008 01:00 PM

So after taking a cooking class where the teacher raved about cast iron cookware, I thought maybe i'd try to find one for cheap. I found someone giving away a set for free-they didn't use them and they were already secondhand. So I got a set of 5 Wagner cast iron skillets for nothing but the cost of gas, and they are dirty! Probably well seasoned also but there is some rust and besides-they're 3rd generation so starting from scratch seems like a good idea. So they need a lot of work. Been doing lots of research on the web and am going to try putting one of those wheels on my drill and trying to get rid of the dirt and grime and start all over again. Problem is, one of them has some NASTY chunky hardened lumpy stuff all over the outside of it. I'm not sure how to even START the removal of that.

Any suggestions? I'm at work now but i'll attach a picture later and maybe someone has an idea? I've heard mixed reviews on putting it in the oven on the self clean cycle.

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