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Cast iron pans leaving black flakes on food

brittle peanut | Dec 31, 200704:21 AM

I have two cast iron pans with problems:

1) A pan I bought over the summer, pre-seasoned, with no visible damage to the finish whatsoever. I made a pineapple upside down cake in it and there were black flakes all over the fruit. Not pretty. I made potatoes in it, and they had black flakes. What is going on?

2) A pan without sides that is several years old, whose finish has large, visible flaking around the edges. I spoke to an employee at Lodge who said I can just apply oil and heat and the finish should be repaired, but it's not working. Do I need to do it many times? Or what? Please assist - -and am I doing something that is causing it to flake? I mostly use it for breads and don't wash with soap and leave it to rust or anything.

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