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Help, cast iron pan really confusing me

Sirrith | Dec 9, 201304:25 AM

Hi all. I need some help with my cast iron pan. I've had this particular pan about 10 months now, its a Lodge pre-seasoned one that I bought new, and I love it.

About 4 months in, it had developed a nice slick coating, then all of a sudden after frying up some meat, the all the "shine" went out of the seasoning and it looked completely dull and "dead", and when I rubbed it with a tissue, the whole surface of the paper was covered in black specks (and I mean absolutely covered in them, not just a few, nor a black oily residue), and the seasoning felt rough to the hand. I emailed lodge and they didn't really help much, just told me to restart from scratch (by the time I got their reply I'd already taken steel wool to the pan and restarted the seasoning process).

Everything was good up until tonight. Pan fried some chicken tenderloins in a bit of oil, pan never went above 500F (I don't know the exact temperature, I just know for certain that it didn't go above 500F, and I know that the last time it happened it didn't go above 500F either). There was a brown crust on the bottom of the pan (caramelized chicken juice), so I let it cool a little bit (20 mins), then put very hot water in it, and scrubbed with a nylon brush and put it on the burner on low to dry.

Then I noticed the same dullness to the seasoning, and sure enough, wiping with a towel resulted in many black specks of seasoning coming off.

I've never cooked anything acidic in this pan, I treat it quite well for a cast iron pan, what on earth is going on?

The previous times I'd seasoned it using the oven method, this time I've decided to go with what I use on my carbon steel pans and just heat the pan up very hot on the hob, add lard, wipe out, repeat.

I have other cast iron pieces too, and none of them have exhibited this problem, so I'm really at a loss here. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening, or what I can do to prevent it? Has anyone experienced this before?

I didn't think of taking any photos at the time unfortunately.

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