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does cast iron cookware casue iron overdose?


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does cast iron cookware casue iron overdose?

Emmaus | Jul 11, 2010 03:30 PM

I'm planning on buying two cast iron cookware, a lodge signature skillet and a dutch oven.

I like cast iron a lot, but it seems that it requires a lot of care.

I have been doing some considerable amount of research.

I admit I have a tendency to worry about things, so I always do a lot of research before important decisions.

We know that using cast iron increases the iron content of the food cooked in it, but does it casue overdose of iron?

A google search of iron toxic seems a bit scary, though it does not nessessarily say cast iron cookware cause iron overdose.

Even if someone already has excessive iron, how is he supposed know about the fact that he has iron overdose?

Also, is the lodge seasoning layer different from burnt oil? I mean eating anything over burned is clearly unhealthy. I mean the Lodge foundry clearly have to heat the raw cast iron in very ,very high temperatures to create the black colour of the product. That seems a similar process to creating burnt oil... I know it sounds a bit silly. But could anyone please help me and explain more on these two questions? Thanks a lot in advance.

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