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Cast Iron Conundrum

kswanson | Jan 2, 2018 08:36 PM

Hello all, I’m seeking some input on my cast iron skillet. I’m new to the cast iron game, and although I’ve read hundreds of posts, I’d like some reassurance that my skillet looks like it’s supposed to after being seasoned. It’s a 12” skillet from Lodge. It was given to us new as a wedding gift this summer. I’ve followed the directions from the company and tried some other methods to maintain a smooth, consistent black color on my pan. However, there are some patchy bits in the middle that are dull and not shiny. It also feels a bit sticky. The picture attached is after 1 round of seasoning in my oven. Should I try to season it again? Or should I continue using the pan and hope it evens out over time? Any help/advice is appreciated! Thanks!

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