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Cast iron or cast aluminum??


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Cast iron or cast aluminum??

nader | Feb 17, 2009 08:46 AM

Hi all,
I recently purchased a reversible griddle-grill from Costco and realized that it is cast aluminum and not cast iron. I know, the weight should have given it away, but it was a long day!

I'd like to know whether anyone has tried the cast aluminum before and whether it is much different from cast iron? It is MUCH more lightweight (and therefore easier to clean) than cast iron and fits the stove perfectly. Some sites I've found point to slight differences in heat distribution and loss, but no other differences otherwise. Is this a good deal, at half the price of cast iron? Or should I go for the cast iron instead? I will, however, be buying a cast iron skillet for corn breads, etc.

In case any one is wondering, the grill/griddle I got is the Nordic Ware Heavy Cast Aluminum reversible griddle/grill.

Thanks for the help!

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