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Is cashiering wimmen's work at TJ's?

givemecarbs | Mar 4, 2012 05:37 PM

Just wondering how it is in your area? Just got back from a TJ's run and can't help but notice certain ongoing things. Tonight it was really interesting. There were two motherly type cashiers with small lines waiting for them. A young male was standing at his register even though the sign said "closed". Two young male customers with only three items walked past and the male TJ's employee called out "oh I'm not really closed!" He quickly rung them up but when I approached he looked at my way too full cart and laughed and said "I think she's gonna have to take you", indicating the female cashier a few registers over. I went over and as the woman was ringing me up the young male slipped away looking very pleased with himself.
I've noticed over a period of years that the female employees seem chained to their registers. I try not to go right before closing but when I do, often a male employee will open up a register just to ring up TJ's employees while we mere customers stand in a longer line. There may be a reason for that. I know the announcement is made about ten of nine or so that now is the time for TJ's employees to shop and maybe they want to get them back to work fast.
Working at TJ's seems funner and easier if you are one of the kewl kids though. Maybe it's just my location?

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