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Cashew Fruit/Cashew Apple/ Marañón


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Cashew Fruit/Cashew Apple/ Marañón

opinionatedchef | Mar 1, 2011 11:25 PM

I had no idea that there was a fleshy fruit that grows out of the cashew nut, and that that fruit is used for fruit juices (jugos) and alcoholic drinks.We drank some delicious and refreshing Maranon jugo today at a Salvadoran resturant here in Boston. It was made w/ a frozen puree plus a little sugar plus water. Not too sweet and really delicious. from this article, it sounds like the maranon is too fragile to be shipped to far markets.Here's what I've learned so far, fyi!:

does anyone know of another example of an edible nut accompanied by an edible fruit?
(btw, the botanical definitions for 'fruit' and 'nut' can be different from the culinary definitions.I.e.,in the wiki piece above, they explain that the cashew is really a seed in this case.

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