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Cash only for gratuity!!


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Cash only for gratuity!!

Motosport | Aug 8, 2012 08:03 AM

I recently had an expensive business dinner at a local restaurant.
When the bill came there was a note: "all gratuiies in cash!" Most times this is just a suggestion/preference and when I get the credit card receipt there is a spot for a tip. I'll apologize/explain and include the tip on my card if it is a business meal or I am low on cash.
I gave the server my business credit card to pay. The credit card slip has no place for the tip.
I explained that it was a businees expense and was told the dreaded: "It's our policy!" Somehow I thought I should have been forewarned!
Getting reimbursed for cash is a nightmare with our company.
I had enough cash for a generous tip. I could not see punishing the server for the "Policy!"
Otherwise the meal and service was fabulous.
I know all about "cash flow" and the economy of the food industry.
I.M.H.O accepting gratuities on credit cards is one more cost of doing business.

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