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Cash only?

xanadude | Feb 16, 2008 04:19 PM

What are people's thoughts on a restaurant's cash-only policy? We're talking sit-down, waiter service restaurants here, not delis or fast food, where the average check is at least $20.

I think it's poor service, in 2008, to impose a specific form of payment on diners when many diners reasonably expect--and would prefer--to use a credit card; the fees for accepting credit cards aren't terrible for transactions of that size, and 90%+ of restaurants (as well as grocery stores, which have much tighter margins) accept them with no problems--in some ways, handling cash is also somewhat expensive, though the costs are less and hidden.

The ones with ATMs inside the restaurant (with a $3 transaction fee or whatnot) deserve special scorn for what amounts to profiteering.


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