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Casa Adams = Authentic? (San Diego)

y6y6y6 | Sep 1, 2009 01:32 PM

I'm hoping this will be productive, but I admit it is a bit of a rant.

So I went to Casa Adams on Adams Ave in San Diego for lunch. I went there mainly after seeing many five star ratings on another food board, as well as the long parade of people praising it as some of San Diego's best authentic Mexican food.

I was not happy. Not only is the food there pure TexMex style, it isn't even very good at TexMex. Having recently eaten at Super Cocina and El Comal, both within a 5 minute drive from Casa Adams, I found the characterizations of "best" and "authentic" to be very troubling.

I'm having a hard time understanding why San Diego embraces places like this with such passion. The food in SD may suck as many say, but you really don't have to look very far at all to find truly authentic Mexican food. Literally. One more freeway exit and you're right near Super Cocina, Marisco's German, El Comal, Etc.

My beef isn't with Casa Adams. They don't market themselves as authentic regional Mexican cuisine. And the food seems to draw customers, even though it wasn't to my liking. So good for them, and I'm happy to see independent places succeeding.

No, my complaint is at the hordes of San Diego residents who live 30 minutes from Mexico, but seem to actively avoid great Mexican food. Is this why we can't have nice things? I had a whole post typed out for the other board where I spent a long time trying to explain how wrong the reviews were. In the end it just seemed petty and futile.

Is there anything that can be done about this? Seriously, I'm asking. Some grass roots effort? An attempt at online education? Gentle coaxing towards authentic food? Loud praising of San Diego true gems in terms of the authentic cuisine? I'm asking. What can we do?

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