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Carvel "Crunchies" & how to stuff

HunterJay | Apr 17, 200808:20 AM     9

At the suggestion of Jfood, I'm putting the secret of Carvel Crunchies on the home cooking board. The crunchies are simply made out of the flying saucer cookies (granted they shipped them already broken up bags labled "crunchies" but they were the same thing) mixed with chocolate bonnet (the dip that gets hard). A easy, and just as tasty, home mix for this is oreo crumbs and magic shell (I also use the Oreo ice cream cones smashed up if I can't find the cookie crumbs). Mix them together until it's pretty moist (not soaking wet, but getting there). That's it. That's the secret.
The "frosting" used at Carvel is their version of whipped cream. I find cool whip just as good (usually better).
I worked at Carvel for around 5 years in high school and college, so I got to know my way around the business if you have any questions.

Easy Ice Cream cake:
4 quarts of your favorite ice cream (2 flavors).
One box Oreo Cones or one container Oreo crumbs
One container Magic Shell (chocolate)
One container Cool whip
One 9" spring form pan with wax paper on the bottom (if you can find wax covered cake bottoms those rock - I can't find them so I make do).
Freeze springform pan with wax paper over the bottom.
Crush cones and mix with about 1/2 container of well shaken Magic Shell, should be wet, but not soaking wet. Feel free to taste.
Let 2 containers of one flavor melt a little bit. I throw mine in the kitchen aid so it has a consistent consitency (almost like soft serve)
Take out springform pan and spread ice cream over the bottom half (if you have ice cream left over, feel free to eat it)
Add "crunchies" and press down on them. KEEP CRUNCHIES AT LEAST 1 CENTIMETER FROM THE EDGES. There needs to be some ice cream to ice cream contact.
Freeze overnight.
Let 2 containers of the other flavor soften up a little bit (like the above).
Take the springform pan out and plop ice cream down on top of the bottom layer (you don't want to put it all in one space as you'll need to spread it out to cover it all evenly - if you plop it all down in the center, it tends to pull the cruchies up here & there).
Smooth out the top as best as possible with a long spatula (or bread knife).
Freeze overnight.
Take out of the freezer and dip the whole springform pan in hot water very quickly (as much as you can dip without it coming over the top). This should melt the sides just enough to release the cake from the pan.
Freeze for a few hours.
Decorate with cool whip - I usually do the top & sides, freeze, then do the piping, freeze, then any writting.
Like any Carvel cake, it does take a while (20-30 min) to defrost (to cut through)

If you have any questions on the cake or carvel recipies that I may remember, just let me know.

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