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carrot halvah

Celeste | Jan 15, 2003 03:59 PM

When recovering from malaria in India several years ago, I stayed in a home in Delhi for a few weeks where the cook made carrot halvah, an Indian dessert I had never heard of before. Both my boyfriend and I had had been very very sick, very very far from home, and something so homecooked and delicious brought tears to my eyes.

I still haven't found a satisfactory recipe for this delight to recreate here in America - for people not famiiliar, it's like a hot pudding made from grated carrot, fresh cardamom, hot milk, sugar, and either pistachios or almonds. It's not even offered in Indian restaurants that I've noticed.

I hear it may be a doomed pursuit since Indian carrots and American carrots are apparently very different beasts. Certainly the one time I have tried from a recipe, it did not work whatsoever.

Anyway, thought I would try this shot in the dark to Chowhoundland. Has anyone ever made this successfully?

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