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Carrot Cake that Wows... does anybody know this recipe???

ideabaker | Nov 5, 201106:59 PM

Hi all; so I'm a teacher, and a kid walked in a couple of months ago with a carrot cake made by her Mum for a fundraiser. It was placed in the staff room for a dollar a slice. It looked like a regular old cake, so no one took notice; just a whole lot of creamed cheese on the tops and edges (it was cooked in a Bundt pan). I walked over to my mailbox to pick up a paper that had arrived, and when I turned around there was one piece left, which I grabbed. It was HEAVEN. The other carrot cake brought in by another child sat sadly, mostly untouched.

Now don't get me wrong. but carrot cake has never been my favourite because the cake is usually not all that tasty. The creamed cheese always redeems it. But this cake, my friends, had walnuts, was moist, and had flavour!!! Maybe it had a sultanas in it (can you grind up sultanas so they aren't in chunks?) or something. The creamed cheese on top was whipped and fluffy and sweet and finger licking good, but it was literally "the icing on top of the cake". The cake, and the icing, were perfection.

Needless to say, I asked the student for the recipe. Got the dreaded (yet challenging) "It's a family secret, we aren't allowed to give it out". She then added insult to injury by bringing another one of the same cake to a class party three weeks later. I seriously considered sending a slice out to be laboratory tested.

Ok, kid, I thought to myself. I know my pals at CH can help me out on this one. Surely someone here has made the Carrot Cake to end all Carrot Cakes, the piece de resistance of Carrot Cakes; traditionally inspired, yet somehow unbeatable.

So, the million dollar question... does anyone out there have a similar sounding recipe for Carrot Cake, the Carrot Cake that people fight over, leaving the other desserts in the dust? I am willing to make as many cakes in a row as needed to get to the perfect one, but you folks will have the best places to start.

Thanks in advance to anyone with ideas, suggestions, etc.

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