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Carmine's Italian Restaurant & Bar in PASADENA

handycrafter77 | May 27, 2007 11:44 AM

This place should have a sign that reads ' OPEN TILL 10PM, BUT 1/2 ASS SERVICE STARTS PROMPTLY AT 9:20 PM '

Never in my life have I ever felt so unwelcomed at a restaurant.

I had never been here before and drove by it last weekend with a friend. We decided to make a fun date out of it and go the following weekend. So we went to watch a movie and drove there for a late dinner last night. We get there and there are 3 staff workers talking in the first little room where you wait to be seated. We stood there waiting for someone to come by not knowing if we are supposed to seat ourselves or wait to be seated. It was an awkward 1-2 minute wait as we looked over at them talking amongst themselves, obviously knowing we had just entered. We then decided to just go in and sit down. As we started to, one of the 3 came over to us and FINALLY seviced us. The place had families there and dates there with plenty of empty seats as well. When we got there many of them were leaving and the place just looked a little more emptier. At this point we had no clue they closed at 10. We were seated and our waitress came. I don't know if I'm already spoiled, but this waitress was not welcoming or friendly AT ALL. You could see it in her face and actions that she really didn't want to be there and surely didn't want us there either. That's when we started wondering at what time they closed. I asked one of the bus ladies and was told 10 pm. My watch said 9:24. I've never been one to leave 1 star just for the service, but this place was sooooooooooo HORRIBLE that even if the food tasted good it just made me look into all the negativity of the place.

The food was actually good. I ordered the chicken something with a rasberry martini and my friend ordered the chicken florentine with a glass of merlot. His dish tasted much better than mine. My Martini SUCKED ASS. I ordrered a Rasberry Martini and let me tell everyone that I know my Martinis and the crap that was given to me was not one. Just because it was in a Martini glass DOES NOT MAKE IT A MARTINI. It was too strong and I kindly asked the waitress if they can make it less strong for me, maybe water it down a bit. I mean, it was suppsed to have been a rasberry maritini and I didn't even taste the rasberry because the alcohol was so strong. I've had Rasberry Martinis in several different places and even when they have been strong I'm able to taste the rasberry juice, but the shit that was given to me was PURE CRAPPY ALCOHOL. When they brought it back it did taste better. I hesitated at first saying anything about it because I was sure they'd spit in it, but I really didn't want to pay for it and not drink it. We were done eating and our waitress disappeard, I had to ask the bus lady for to go boxes and our check. When our check was brought to us I noticed that others received their check in a little tray and ours was just placed on top of our bag. We decided to only tip her $4 dollars. Everything including our tip cost $50. That's pretty much what we spend at the cheesecake factory, gin sushi, yang chow and many other places. However, the main difference is that we get top quality service and in this trash of a place I was really upset that my friend had to pay 50 for the HORRIBLE SERVICE we got.

I will NEVER go back to this place and it's a shame because Italian is my favorite food.

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