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Cardone (aka 'Cardoon' italian vegetable that tastes similar to artichoke)? Anyone have a recipe?


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Cardone (aka 'Cardoon' italian vegetable that tastes similar to artichoke)? Anyone have a recipe?

cheereeo | Apr 3, 2010 09:42 AM

So, I'm shopping in my Shoprite today (day before Easter), and they have this beautiful looking vegetable that I have never seen. I examined it to determine what it is, but could only find a veg tag saying Cardone and Ocean Mist. So I ask the produce guy what it was. He tells me it is Cardone (pronounced Car-dough-nay). How embarrassing, I thought Cardone was the brand name. I figured what the hay, let's try something new, that I never heard of, I'll find a recipe. I get home and start my google search and find very little. One site said it is the stalk that an artichoke grows on; one says it is considered a weed in some countries? The Ocean Mist site only had two formal recipes and then I found this guy on Youtube showing a video of how he cooks it (like the Italian Mama), but my God, the video is so boring and slow to watch and he didn't trim the ends. He didn't salt the water or use any seasoning in his flour at all or even after, just a bit of garlic in the oil. He sounds like he's a New Yorker, but he talks at the speed of someone from Maine or something. And no fast forward button. I've read on it and says it can be bitter if not soaked in salted water overnight. If anyone knows of another way to cook this interesting veg beside breaded and fried, in a quiche or in a gratin, please let me know asap. I'll write back too after I cook it.

Here's a pic from the Oceanmist site: http://www.oceanmist.com/products/car...

And here's the long-winded Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvGzZS...

Another article: http://shizuokagourmet.wordpress.com/...

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