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cardboard-flavored proscuitto--why?


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cardboard-flavored proscuitto--why?

dixieday | Nov 26, 2002 04:27 AM

Has anyone else had the experience of finding a "cardboard-y" taste to certain cured meats? It's not a spoiled or fermented taste, just a strong taste of cardboard upon first taste, followed by the more regular taste of the meat. I've found this here and there--in vacuum-packed proscuitto and salami, which I figured might be not-so-great, but also in fresh-cut (sliced to order) proscuitto di Parma (bought in Parma, from a good shop) and others. Is this a by-product of the curing process--some particular but undesirable flavor that develops sometimes, as in wine. Is it just me? How to avoid? thanks!

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