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New Carbon Steel Wok

DeeDee2002 | Mar 28, 2017 01:26 PM

Hi I'm new here and need some help. I recently bought a new carbon steel wok (last week) and I'm working on the seasoning. It does however look spotted and I'm worried its rust??

When I first bought it I followed manufactures instruction:
Wash with steel scrubber (only had copper) and warm soapy water. Dry with towel and dry over heat.
Heat on medium for 10 minutes. Add thin layer or oil, heat for 10 minutes, wipe remaining oil up. Repeat until no black comes up (about 4 times)

I did this at least 5 times and did not have any residue wipe up when I did it. I used it twice since and have washed it since (no soap, just hot water and a sponge) after the second wash i noticed these little specks and am worried i did it all wrong and its rust.

After i washed it i dried it with paper towel, then on the stove top. I then rubbed a small layer of oil, heated it up for 10 mins. cooled it off then rubbed some more oil and put it in the cabinet. Is this all wrong?
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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