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Carbon steel pans -- again! Bottom/Handle issues


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Carbon steel pans -- again! Bottom/Handle issues

create_faster | Jul 7, 2011 08:10 AM

Hi guys. Turned out my De Buyer pan was rusted again. This time I went overkill with the crisco and let it burn in the oven. The inside is rough and a very deep brown. The rivets are not wiping away with a paper towel. New problem: rusty outside (bottom).

Does it matter too much if the bottom is a bit rusty? I expect it will scrape the tops of stoves and oven racks for the duration of its life, so this was not unexpected.

Also, the odd silicone-y sleeve on the handle is chipping off at the end, and is otherwise discolored/stained from heat, smoke, and hot oil drip. Considering sanding it off completely in the not too distant future.

Opinions? Facts?


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