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Carbon knives rust v. patina


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Carbon knives rust v. patina

wjschmitz | Dec 27, 2010 11:11 AM

I just ordered my first carbon steel (non-stainlesss) knife: a Misono Swedish Steel 240 mm gyuto. And, even though it hasn't arrived yet, the more I read, the more worried I am getting about caring for this knife.

Does anyone have advice for developing a nice patina on a carbon knife to deter it from rusting? I am very careful with my kitchen tools, and always wash and dry my knives by hand, shortly after use. But it sounds like this may not be enough.

Should I try to force the patina? i.e. soak in vinegar? Or let it develop naturally?


PS I have a nice set of Japanese water stones, and am gradually getting better at sharpening my knives, so hopefully that won't be an issue.

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