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Low Carb Vegetarian Meal (and snack) Ideas

MplsM ary | Jul 21, 2012 07:07 PM

In response to the thread drumming up ideas for new threads:

As I posted in that other thread: "I tried going low carb a few months ago and it was as dull as dull can get. Part of the problem is l need one pack-able, non refrigerated (and importantly, not any chance at all of leaking or oozing and it must be compact) meal four days a week for school. I ended up eating cheese and celery with a few almonds. I love celery but I started to absolutely despise it." (Is it kosher to quote oneself? Man, oh man, I've just written so many freakin' quote-laden papers in the last year).

I am at the end of summer session right now (last final Monday), and after that I want to get back to trying low carb. In an effort to get as much fiber as well as protein I admit my diet was a little weird last go-round. For instance, eggs and broccoli was a breakfast staple.

I would like ideas for school lunches (limited space in a backpack that holds my super-expensive textbooks and laptop), but I welcome any and all ideas for all meals and snacks.

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