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cappuccino after dinner ?!?!


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cappuccino after dinner ?!?!

wilbur | Mar 11, 2003 02:33 PM

In a recent Chronicle review of Da Flora in North Beach, the reviewer criticized the restaurant for not serving cappuccino as an after dinner option with dessert. They only had espresso, he complained.

This is so wrong. Why must American critics (and the dining public) bastardize the logical traditions of the world's great cuisines? Cappuccino is a silly drink to have at the end of a meal. An espresso is the perfect after-meal drink. Italians know this; Americans do not.

I urge every Chowhound to correct their fellow diners (that couple at the table next to you), and tell them not to order cappuccino after a meal because they're going to eventually destroy Italian cuisine with this foolishness.

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