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Anyone use a Capital Precision Series 30" rangetop ?

chowhound61 | Jun 13, 201209:13 AM

We are in the process of redoing our kitchen and have limited counterspace so need to stick to a 30" cooktop (we have built-in double convection ovens that will stay). This is the only 30" 5 burner with knobs on the front (like a range) that I have found. I'm not sure why, as putting the knobs on the front seems to make the most efficient use of space when configuring a 5 burner so I think its a wonderful design. I like the front facing knobs not just for the efficient use of the burners, but it keeps the knobs clean. I've heard such great buzz about Capital and this particular model has some interesting features like an integrated reversible wok grate with a high BTU, low simmer, sealed burners, great warranty and many more features: http://www.capital-cooking.com/produc....

My dilemma is that these are not available in my area and I will have to buy online so don't want to shell out that kind of money without hearing from someone to comment that has had some actual practical experience with this item. Does putting the knobs on the front eliminate the crowding issue encountered with other 5 burner 30" cooktops? Are the burners as easy to clean as they say, does the reversible wok piece work easily for large pots and pans as well as woks and can a large pot fit in the center while having a 12" fry pan on one of the corners? We would not use 5 burners simultaneously very much at all, but I like the option of having a high BTU center burner (25,000 BTU I believe) for high heat cooking and stir frying.

I would consider the 4 burner one (GRT304NG) as well. Unfortunately, Capital's online information and detailed pictures are a bit lacking as I can't determine what the 4 burner configuration looks like, their size, features, and accessories options. Their online information bundles all options of the rangetops into one feature list with, what I can determine, is insufficient detail to identify what features go with what rangetop model. Their website incorrectly gives you the self-cleaning and manual range user guide rather than the rangetop user guide. I've emailed their Customer Service twice without a response and phoned them yesterday wanting the user guide specifically for the rangetop, and again not heard back. (I've heard sales for them have drastically increased and I'm chalking this up to a temporary employee shortage and that this doesn't reflect on their product quality and design). But even if I were to have this information in hand, I really would like some independent feedback since I'm unable to readily see the cooktop.

Any help anyone could provide me on specific information relating to the GRT304 or GRT305 models would be very much appreciated!

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