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cape cod "golden russet" potato chips


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cape cod "golden russet" potato chips

Gabriel Solis | Nov 27, 2001 09:15 PM

I recall a number of potato chip discussions a while back on this board, but can't find them now, so I'll start a new thread:

I just popped into a bag of cape cod's "golden russet" chips, and was pretty disappointed. I like their standard ones, by the bye. These just seem "overcooked", rather than "varietal", whatever that might mean in this context. The bag warns you, of course, "The chips inside this bag cook darker than other potato chips, but don't worry--they're not burnt. Russet potatoes, unlike their round white cousins, contain higher amounts of sugar and when cooked carefully will produce a darker, more robust chip that maintains the integrity of the potato." Well put, and enticing, to boot, but really, they just taste like the sugar has caramelized a bit too much. Fortunately it was a small investment.


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