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Yet more canning questions!


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Yet more canning questions!

nofunlatte | Jul 21, 2010 01:09 PM

I have fallen prey to that deliciously insidious addiction that is known as canning. As a neophyte canner, I've been asking questions here on this board and am very grateful for all of your replies. YOu are truly helpful (and great at setting my mind at ease!) Anyway, here are a couple of other questions:

1. When I made some more jam last night, I didn't have quite enough to fill the last jar. It's about 3/4 full. Still okay or should this be refrigerated after I test the seal tonight?

2. If a jar of jam or a jar of pickles tips over during the water bath process and gets processed on its side, are the contents still edible (assuming a good seal) or should they be refrigerated and eaten within a few weeks?

3. If I'm processing tomatoes for a tomato sauce and I need to deseed the tomatoes, is there an alternative to a food mill or should I bite the bullet and buy one? (Okay, I'm asking this for a friend who has some heirloom plants that are prolific producers).

4. Are there any canning labels that DON'T have "country" motifs? Aesthetically, my tastes run more toward mid-century modern and contemporary looks. Since I plan to make some jams, pickles, and mustards as holiday gifts, I'd like the labels to reflect my own aesthetic. Right now, I'm just writing the name of the contents on old mailing labels (which looks okay) and/or on top of the lid. How do you label your jars? Maybe a double-sided tag with the name of the contents on one side and the signs of botulism on the other? Just kidding!

Well, that's enough for now. I'm sure to have more questions again soon!

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