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Canning mishap? Maybe? Please help

ktwaggoner | Sep 7, 201111:04 PM

Hey all! I am new to canning, as of tonight actually. My first time canning, I canned all the extra cucumbers I had in my fridge according to a recipe from a food network. Right now, I have at least 8 jars of cucs pickling in my kitchen. Problem is, the recipe was for sea level and did not mention to do extra things for high altitude. It also did not mention to sterilize everything for ten minutes (plus what 5 extra minutes because I am in Denver at 5,000 ft?).

Here is what I did. I sterilized everything for a few minutes, filled them with the vinegar-water solution (brine?), and put the lids on, not knowing that I should not touch the lids. I kept my hands pretty clean while doing all of this, but I am concerned. I don't want to get sick or make anyone else sick. Should I reprocess the whole batch of cucs? If they are not safe now, would it make it safe if I did reprocess them? Or should I just toss the whole lot? All the jars (minus two that I am reprocessing right now because I touched the tops to see if they were concave and thus made them concave) have sealed. Maybe if I kept them in the fridge while they turned into pickles? Someone please help. I am soooooo lost and kind of regretting canning these guys at the moment.

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